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Starminds Educations Faculty

Starminds Educations is an educational consultant based in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Our team of highly qualified alumni from NIFT and NID help aspiring designers prepare for design aptitude tests of various design institutes in India such as NIFT, NID, IIT, CEPT, Symbiosis. We provide comprehensive guidance and support to help students achieve their dream of pursuing a career in design.

Namrita Tandon

Director & Co-founder Starminds Educations - Kanpur.


Namrita Tandon, an alumnus of Lady Irwin College, Delhi, firmly believes in the mantra of turning one's passion into a profession. With a rich background in classical dance and a keen creative sense, she inspires students aspiring for fulfilling careers in design, art, fashion, and architecture. Over her 25-year career, Namrita Mam has mentored countless students, facilitating their successful placements in esteemed companies like Reliance, Sabyasachi, Infosys, Westside, Max and more. At Starminds Educations - Kanpur, she views it as her duty to empower each child to excel, fostering confidence through profound knowledge and mastery of their chosen fields.


Himanshu Singh

Faculty Head, Starminds Educations - Kanpur.

Himanshu Singh is a renowned figure in the art community, channels his passion and extensive experience into driving Starminds Educations, Kanpur forward. With over 15 years in fine arts, he specializes in painting, sculpting, photography, and exploration. Himanshu Sir urges students not just to think outside the box, but to transcend it entirely. He simplifies complex sketching techniques and swiftly trains students, transforming novices into skilled artists capable of sketching anything imaginable. Fondly remembered as 'Himanshu Sir', he focuses beyond drawing proficiency to nurturing strong thinking, ideation, and design skills, essential for success in design entrance exams like NIFT, NID, SOFT, Pearl Academy, and UID.­­­

Tanvi Tandon

Creative Head, Starminds Educations – Kanpur

Tanvi Tandon is a fashion designer based in Dubai, leverages her five years of industry experience and a Fashion Design degree from Pearl Academy, Delhi. At Starminds, she imparts valuable insights to ignite the creativity of aspiring designers, fostering a culture of innovation and originality in the fashion realm. Tanvi specializes in guiding students to craft impressive portfolios for international college applications in design, art, fashion, and architecture. She equips students not only with design thinking skills but also with an understanding of the diverse career opportunities in the field. Through her mentorship, students secure internships at prestigious design and fashion companies, and she provides expert guidance in selecting the most suitable courses. Graduates of Tanvi's program have excelled at renowned institutions such as NIFT, NID, Pearl Academy, UID, UAL London, Nottingham Trent, LCF London, Parsons NY, SOFT, and FDDI.


Surabhi Tandon

Founder – Starminds Educations

Surabhi Tandon established Starminds Educations - Kanpur in 2013 during her third year at NIFT, Bangalore, to address the lack of support for design exam preparation. Surabhi has mentored over 5,000 students, guiding them to esteemed institutions such as NID, NIFT, and IIT. The specially designed Classroom Programs for grades 9-12, created by Surabhi and her peers, provide a valuable platform for aspiring exam candidates. Starminds' standout feature is its curriculum, emphasizing design thinking—a crucial aspect in design colleges, offering students a competitive edge in exams and transitioning to design schools. Personally instructing the design module, Surabhi ensures a strong foundation for students' future careers. With over a decade of experience in leading fashion and retail conglomerates in India and Dubai, Surabhi's expertise enriches the educational experience at Starminds.

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