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Star Expert

For class 12 students

 Course Overview

Star Expert caters to class 12 students, respecting their busy schedules with batches starting in July, August, or September, totalling 228 hours. It aligns closely with entrance exam patterns, covering diverse subjects from drawing to communication skills. Standout features include a focus on creativity, regular assessments, and workshops by alumni from NID, NIFT, and IIT. Personalized progress charts aid student growth, while guidance on college disciplines based on performance ensures a holistic approach. Enroll now and start the journey towards your dream college!

Who this course is for?

This course is tailored for the determined students of class 12, aiming to crack architecture & design entrance exams. Whether you're juggling school and tuition schedules, this course will accommodate your schedule. If you're aiming of NID, NIFT, CEPT, or other top architecture and design colleges, join this course to ensure a great exam performance.

Course Highlights

Star Foundation course - Your path to exciting design careers begins here.

Reviewing the Law
 Thorugh Curriculum 
Designed for class 11 students to cover crucial subjects for design & architecture entrance exam preparation.
Jumping in Sneakers
 Seamless Progression 
Effortless transition from class 11 to class 12 ensuring continuity in design & architecture entrance exam preparation.
Green-Toned Presentation
 Expert Led Sessions 
Students benefit from regular workshops conducted by alumni of esteemed institutions NID and NIFT.
Gym Coach
 Individual Support 
Regular evaluations and individual assistance for maximum learning in both class 11 and 12.

Course Modules

Colour Theory

Understand the principles of hue, saturation, and value. Learn how colors interact and influence each other. Explore color harmonies and contrasts to create impactful compositions. Discover how to evoke emotions and convey messages through color choices

Understanding Perspective

Understand vanishing points and horizon lines. Develop skills to accurately portray 3D space on 2D surface. Learn to create depth in your artwork. Enhance your artistic vision and create dynamic compositions.

Light & Shade

Learn techniques for rendering highlights, midtones, and shadows effectively. Understand the interplay of light and form to create three-dimensional illusions. Master the art of chiaroscuro to enhance your drawings and paintings.

Elements of Design

Learn about line, shape, color, texture, and form. Understand how these elements interact to create visual harmony and balance. Experiment with composition and layout to convey your artistic vision effectively. Gain insights into the principles of design to elevate your artwork to new heights.

Basics of Drawing

Master essential drawing skills in our Basics of Drawing module. Learn line, shape, and shading techniques. Develop observation and composition skills. Gain confidence in proportions and perspective. Build a solid foundation for artistic expression and future endeavors.

Still Life

Develop observation skills and a sense of composition. Practice rendering textures, shapes, and reflections with precision. Gain confidence in capturing the beauty of ordinary objects through meticulous observation and skilled rendering techniques.

Object Analysis

Learn to dissect and understand various objects' structures, forms, and functions. Through hands-on activities and visual analysis, they develop critical observation skills essential for design and problem-solving. Students gain insight into how objects are constructed and how their design impacts usability and aesthetics. This module fosters a deeper understanding of the principles of design and enhances students' ability to analyze and innovate.

Thematic Appreciation

Students explore the interpretation and analysis of themes in various contexts, including literature, art, and media. They learn to identify underlying messages, motifs, and symbols, honing their critical thinking and analytical skills. Through discussions and exercises, students deepen their understanding of thematic elements, enabling them to appreciate the nuances and deeper layers of meaning in different works. This module fosters a broader perspective and encourages students to engage thoughtfully with diverse themes encountered in academic and creative pursuits.

Quantitative Ability

This module focuses on building fundamental quantitative skills necessary for success in academic studies and competitive examinations. With clear instruction and hands-on practice, students gain confidence in handling mathematical concepts, paving the way for future academic achievements.

Medium Exploration

Students explore methods to stimulate and expand their imaginative capabilities. Through brainstorming, mind mapping, and lateral thinking exercises, they learn to generate innovative ideas and solutions. Emphasis is placed on breaking conventional thought patterns and fostering unconventional approaches to problem-solving. This module cultivates a mindset of curiosity and experimentation, empowering students to approach challenges with ingenuity and originality in their creative endeavors.

Information for parents

Star Expert is the perfect choice for your child in class 12, who aspires for a career in architecture or design. Our program is meticulously crafted to accommodate their busy schedules while offering comprehensive exam preparation. We ensure their success with a focus on creativity, communication skills, and personalized progress tracking. Our workshops, led by esteemed alumni, provide invaluable insights. Trust us to guide your child towards their academic goals with enthusiasm and confidence. Join us on this exciting adventure towards a brighter future.

Star Expert - Student Work

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