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Design Entrance Exams in India

Prepare with Starminds Educations for NIFT, NID, NATA, JEE B. Arch and more

Design Entrance Exams in India: An Overview

Design entrance exams in India are conducted by government universities, private universities, and private institutes to gauge a student's potential for design studies. These exams typically occur in two or three phases, evaluating problem-solving abilities, general knowledge, visual thinking, and design sensibility.

Types of Design Entrance Exams : Goverment Institutes

On a national level, design entrance exams in India are conducted by prestigious government universities such as the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), the National Institute of Design (NID), and the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). Each of these institutes has its own specific entrance test structure and criteria.

Private Universities and Their Entrance Exams

Private universities, including Symbiosis International University (Pune), MIT-ADT University (Pune), Srishti Institute Manipal University, and Nirma University (Ahmedabad), also organize national-level design entrance exams. These exams follow similar multi-phase processes to assess candidates' suitability for undergraduate and postgraduate design programs.

Exam Structure

Typically, the entrance exams for design studies are divided into phases. The first phase often includes a written test focusing on general knowledge and problem-solving skills. Subsequent phases may involve practical tests that assess visual thinking and design sensibility, followed by interviews or portfolio reviews.

Passing each phase of the design entrance exams is crucial for admission into reputable design programs in India. Understanding the structure and requirements of these exams can help prospective students prepare effectively.

Exam Preparation with Starminds Educations

Classroom Coaching Programs

A program to hone drawing skills & general aptitude to create a strong foundation for design entrance exams preparation. This program is for class 9 and class 10 students. This program is developed for a duration 338 hours.

A scientifically curated program for class 11 students to utilise this year to its maximum towards entrance exam preparation. This program covers 228 hours of comprehensive learning in class 11 with weekly brush-up classes in class 12.


A program for class 12 students for maximum learning in flexible schedule to accommodate schooling & tuition commitments. This is a 228 hours program, covering topics that closely align with design entrance exams.


A program for class 12 students for maximum learning in flexible schedule to accommodate schooling & tuition commitments. This is a 228 hours program, covering topics that closely align with design entrance exams.


Self-paced learning program covering 10 books written by Starminds Faculty. This program includes a specialized module of 2 books focused on design thinking, mirroring the 1st-year curriculum of NIFT & NID. 


This is a 90 hour intensive program, designed to prepare you for entrance exams at prestigious design colleges like NID and NIFT. Students recieve a personal preparation calendar and engage in live online sessions for guidance.


We mentor you through the exciting process of building a portfolio that displays your design acumen & innovative thought process. Our unique strategy coupled with 1-on-1 mentoring will help you prepare a polished professional portfolio


The USP of Starminds Educations is our expert faculty who are amluni of NIFT & NID. They bring real-world insights and cutting-edge knowledge to the classroom, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for the challenges of design entrance exams.

Coaching by NIFT & NID Alumni fro entrance exams at Starminds Educations Kanpur

Starminds Educations offers meticulously crafted study materials that cover all aspects of the design entrance exams. Our materials include detailed notes, practice questions, and sample papers that mirror the actual exam patterns.


At Starminds Education, we ensure that each student receives individual attention and tailored guidance. Our mentors craft custom learning plans for students to boost their chances of success in the design entrance exams.


Our success is reflected in the achievements of our students. Many of our alumni have secured top ranks in NIFT, NID, and NATA entrance exams. Read our success stories to learn how Starminds Educations has transformed the lives of many aspiring designers

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