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90 Day Crash Course for NIFT & NID

  • 90Days
  • 7Steps


Immerse yourself in a 90-hour intensive summer break program from May to July 2024, designed to prepare you for entrance exams at prestigious design colleges like NID and NIFT. Benefit from personalized course navigation through a Personal Calendar and engage in live online sessions for guidance. The program culminates in a Parent-NIFTian-Student meeting, where individual assessment charts are shared with parents. Enjoy a thorough study approach tailored to your performance, with access to a wealth of resources including 400+ illustrations, PDFs, assignments, and assessments. Join us to unlock your creative potential and excel in the world of design. **Bonus** → 1 on 1 mentoring → 4 hours of live sketching sessions with a mentor booked according to students convinience. → Student & Parent 30 minutes counselling with a Design Industry expert & NIFT Alumnus on a career in Design, Packages & placements booked according to students convinience

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