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Success Stories

How our students achieved their dreams with us

Alia Ansari - NIFT

Alia Ansari

Cleared NIFT Entrance Exams 2024

I joined this institute to take training for NIFT Entrance exams and fortunately i’ve cleared my entrance with good AIR. My overall experience was very good. Training was excellent with good interaction. Training was practical and very informative.Himanshu Sir is enthusiastic and really aware of what he is explaining. The course helped to build confidence, Valuable experiences and learning. A big thanks to my mentors, Surabhi Ma’am and Himanshu Sir. I wouldn’t have cracked NIFT without their guidance.

Yushika Jolly

C.E.O Paradyes
Alumni of NIFT Gandhinagar & U.A.L London

Winner of Shark Tank India - Season 2

My association with Starminds goes all the way back to 2012 when I was preparing to get into NIFT. As a science student, I always found it hard to take time out for NIFT preparation given the hectic schedule of my classes but Starminds made sure that everything was available to me at my own comfort. So, the meticulously planned online practice tests, the constant feedback and regular follow-ups came as a boon to me and many others of my kind.The sought-after tool-kit for the studio round prep eased me into getting to know the nature of the entrance test at a personal level which helped me score a really nice rank, in turn; finally leading to my admission in NIFT. I can’t thank them enough for their constant guidance and approachable nature throughout this journey.

Yushika Jolly - NIFT Gandhinagar - UAL London
Yushika Jolly at Shark Tank India Season 2
Riya Tiwari - NIFT Delhi AIR 141 - Working at Reliance Trends Bangalore.

Riya Tiwari

Achieved Rank 141 in NIFT Entrance Exams
Alumni of NIFT Delhi

Working at Reliance Trends, Bangalore

Heaven is under the shades of swords and for me those swords are Surabhi ma'am and Himanshu sir , the faculty of Starminds Educations who helped me alot during the days of need. To be very true it was really difficult to cope up with both 12th boards and the competitive exam but under the guidance of ma'am and sir I could do it successfully. The material they provided and the tricks they told to tackle all the problems were very beneficial to me during the exam.

Therefore i whole heatedly thank Starminds to help me accomplish my childhood dream for joining NIFT.

Aastha Singh

Achieved Rank 274 in NIFT Entrance Exams
Alumni of NIFT Gandhinagar

Working at Infosys, Bangalore

Firstly, thanks a lot to the Starminds Educations team for making us this capable & always encouraging us no matter how many mistakes we did in our first time during the classes. My experience at Starminds Educations was excellent, I really miss the 1-7 pm classes! And the extra classes!

I was weak in my concepts & drawing as well but that was not a big deal for Surabhi Ma’am & her team. This is the solidarity of this institute, they just judge the requirement of the child and then accordingly prepare their students. To sum it up I want to say to all the students aspiring for a career in design “Do what your heart says, not people” this will lead you to no regrets & you will create your own dream of a career in design.

Aastha Singh - NIFT Gandhinagar AIR 274 - Working at Infosys Bangalore.
Devyani Seth - NIFT Rae Bareli AIR 1520 - FDDI Rank 439

Devyani Seth

Achieved Rank 439 in FDDI Entrance Exams
Achieved Rank 1520 in NIFT Entrance Exams
Alumni of NIFT Rae Bareli

I am Devyani Seth and I cleared my NIFT entrance first round for the year 2020. I won't be exaggerating when I say this, that a major reason for my success was Starminds Educations. They give you all the necessary requirements for the preparation A to Z. The experience with Starminds has been amazing throughout. The faculty is the finest that you could find and I am very thankful to them for guiding me through. Not only helped me achieve my goals but made me a better person altogether. The best part is the positive energy you feel when you are there. A great big thank you to Starminds Educations once again.

Devanshi Jain

Achieved Rank 2 in FDDI Entrance Exams
Achieved Rank 1055 in NIFT Entrance Exams
Alumni of NIFT Kolkata

At Starminds, I wasn’t just taught new things but also how to use mycreativity in a productive way which helped me clear my NIFT entranceexam to which I’m really thankful, happy and glad.

Devanshi Jain - NIFT Kolkata AIR 1055 - FDDI Rank 2
Nirali Agarwal - Architecture at Sharda University

Nirali Agarwal

Recieved Scholarship at Sharda University
Rising Architect

Hello everyone, this is Nirali and I am currently studying architecture at Sharda University. And I would just like to thank Starminds for this. Because of them I am currently studying here with 60% scholarship. And I really, really feel blessed that I took my coaching from there. Everyone was so helpful there, Himanshu sir, Surabhi ma'am, Tanvi ma'am. Himanshu sir told us how to make concepts, how to make our drawings. He taught us everything, even how to think a concept. Surabhi ma'am always motivated us. She taught us how to draw. She never made us feel that we can't do it. I really feel blessed to be  a part of it. Thank you so much.

Shambhavi Srivastava

Achieved Rank 1520 in NIFT Entrance Exams
Alumni of FDDI Jodhpur

Hi guys, my name is Shambhav Srivastava. I am a student of FDDI Jodhpur and I qualified this exam just because of my institute, Starminds Educations. This journey from Kanpur to Jodhpur has just been possible because of Starminds. Being a part of Starminds was a beautiful experience in my design journey. Himanshu sir, Surabhi ma'am, Tanvi ma'am, Namrita ma'am, always making me feel that I can do it. Thank you so much ma'am to guide me and be able to qualify such exam.

Shambhavi Srivastava - FDDI Jodhpur
Shruti Saxena - FDDI Chandigarh

Shruti Saxena

Alumni of FDDI Chandigarh

Hi, my name is Shruti Saxena and I am a student of FDDI Chandigarh. I never thought that I would be sitting in such a big college. My admission will be in such a good college in India. Thank you so much Starminds and Surabhi ma'am. Thank you Himanshu sir. They have always helped us, wherever we went wrong, they have taught us how to do it right. We have learnt a lot from them. We have learnt how to make concepts, how to think of ideas, how to understand small things. They have taught us everything and motivated us and never let us feel that we can't do it. I will always be a part of Starminds.

Jeevan Mishra

Alumni of NIFT Kangra

Starminds Educations, under the expert guidance of Himanshu sir, Surabhi ma'am, and Namrita ma'am, played a pivotal role in my journey to cracking design entrance exams. Their personalized attention and mentorship not only honed my art, sketch, and design skills but also instilled in me the confidence to excel.

Jeevan Mishra - NIFT Kangra
Ayushi Dixit - FDDI Rae Bareli - Rank 114

Ayushi Dixit

Achieved Rank 114 in FDDI Entrance Exams
Topper at FDDI Rae Bareli

Finding Starminds was a game-changer for me. The thought of entrance exams used to scare me, but the supportive vibe there made a huge difference. I tried 2 more coaching institutes in Kanpur before I finally joined Starminds & Thank God for that choice. Here I found personal attention and the faculty has true passion to make you excel – it is not just transactional. It's more than a prep place; it's where I found my confidence and really started to believe in myself. Cleared my exams and couldn't be happier.Today at FDDI I always get asked by my faculty how come I already have design knowledge – all thanks to Starminds who taught me design principles even before my college! I  have topped FDDI with 9.5 SGPA and constantly get appreciated for my design acumen- all thanks to Starminds.

Aarushi Agarwal

Alumni of INIFD Chandigarh

Himanshu Sir’s creativity, Surabhi Ma'am’s insights, and Namrita Ma'am’s pep talks were the highlights of my days at Starminds. It felt less like a class and more like hanging out with mentors who genuinely cared about my future. They helped me turn my dreams into plans, and for that, I’m forever grateful.

Arushi Agarwal - INIFD Chandigarh
Akshita Mishra - FDDI Rae Bareli

Akshita Mishra

Alumni of FDDI Rae Bareli

I wasn’t sure about my design path until I came across Starminds. They welcomed me with open arms and made learning so much fun. Their practical lessons were a game-changer for my exam prep. I not only passed my exams with flying colors but also fell in love with design all over again. A huge shoutout to Starminds for starting me on this amazing journey!

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