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Star Foundation

For class 9 & class 10 students

 Course Overview

        Embark on your design journey with Star Foundation course at Starminds Educations - Kanpur. Start your preparation for entrance exams starting in Class 9, with one weekly class in Class 10. Our flexible schedule starts batches in July, August, and September, allowing busy students to effectivle manage their time. Covering 220 hours in Class 9 and 108 hours in Class 10, our curriculum is developed with the goal to develop strong foundations in the area of drawing basics, perspective drawing, and more. Students can also take advantage monthly workshops by NID and NIFT alumni.

Who this course is for?

        Whether you're a class 9 or class 10 school student eager to explore the world of design or preparing for entrance exams, Star Foundation is the right first step. If you're passionate about expressing yourself through art and eager to learn from industry professionals, this course is tailor-made for you. Join us on this exciting journey and unleash your artistic potential. This course is perfect for aspiring designers and artists looking to ignite their creative spark.

Course Highlights

Star Foundation course - Your path to exciting design careers begins here.

star foundation course highlights | head start | starminds kanpur
 Head Start Advantage 
Start your journey for NID DAT, NIFT CAT, NATA & UCEED from class 9. Maximise time for success.
star foundation course highlights | industry insights | starminds kanpur
 Industry Insights 
Get exposure to the design industry during regular workshops by NID & NIFT Alumni.
star foundation course highlights | strong base | starminds kanpur
 Strong Base 
Develop understanding of fundamentals of drawing & design thinking.
star foundation course highlights | personal growth | starminds kanpur
 Personalised Growth 
Regular assessment and progress reports to track a student's creative growth.

Course Modules

Basics of Drawing

Master essential drawing skills in our Basics of Drawing module. Learn line, shape, and shading techniques. Develop observation and composition skills. Gain confidence in proportions and perspective. Build a solid foundation for artistic expression and future endeavors.

Understanding Perspective

Understand vanishing points and horizon lines. Develop skills to accurately portray 3D space on 2D surface. Learn to create depth in your artwork. Enhance your artistic vision and create dynamic compositions.

Light & Shade

Learn techniques for rendering highlights, midtones, and shadows effectively. Understand the interplay of light and form to create three-dimensional illusions. Master the art of chiaroscuro to enhance your drawings and paintings.

Elements of Design

Learn about line, shape, color, texture, and form. Understand how these elements interact to create visual harmony and balance. Experiment with composition and layout to convey your artistic vision effectively. Gain insights into the principles of design to elevate your artwork to new heights.

Colour Theory

Understand the principles of hue, saturation, and value. Learn how colors interact and influence each other. Explore color harmonies and contrasts to create impactful compositions. Discover how to evoke emotions and convey messages through color choices

Still Life

Develop observation skills and a sense of composition. Practice rendering textures, shapes, and reflections with precision. Gain confidence in capturing the beauty of ordinary objects through meticulous observation and skilled rendering techniques.

Cartoon Design

Students learn techniques to recreate the tactile qualities of surfaces in their artwork. Through shading, blending, and layering, they master the art of conveying smoothness, roughness, or graininess realistically. Experimentation with various tools and mediums aids in achieving desired effects, adding depth and richness to their compositions. This module fosters a deep understanding of texture manipulation, enhancing students' ability to create visually compelling artwork

Human Anatomy

Study the structure and proportions of the human body. Learn to accurately depict anatomy, including bones, muscles, and proportions. Understand gesture and movement to capture lifelike poses. Explore anatomy variations across different ages and body types. Practice anatomical drawing techniques to improve your figure drawing skills.


Let your imagination flow as you embrace spontaneous drawing to express ideas and emotions freely. Explore various doodle styles and techniques, from simple patterns to intricate designs. Develop your doodling skills as a form of relaxation and self-expression.

Medium Exploration

Students explore methods to stimulate and expand their imaginative capabilities. Through brainstorming, mind mapping, and lateral thinking exercises, they learn to generate innovative ideas and solutions. Emphasis is placed on breaking conventional thought patterns and fostering unconventional approaches to problem-solving. This module cultivates a mindset of curiosity and experimentation, empowering students to approach challenges with ingenuity and originality in their creative endeavors.

Information for parents

        Star Foundation offers a comprehensive art and design program tailored to cultivate your child's creative talents. With a structured curriculum covering essential aspects of design and regular assessments to monitor progress, we ensure a conducive learning environment. Our esteemed faculty, includes alumni from NIFT & NID guarantee top-notch design education. We understand that selecting the right educational path for your child is crucial and your child's development is our priority.

Join us in shaping a bright future for your child.

Star Foundation - Student Work

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