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The Career option as a Product Designer is very interesting and challenging. Product Designers are the one to take care of the shape, size, and material content of every product which is manufactured. It can be a small size product conditioner, toothpaste, a bar of soap, detergent powder and many more related the products. Product designer is also the one that takes care of the user experience of the product and generally they get an instruction from product management related to the company’s goal and target.


Product designer is the one that involves the whole process of a product creation as briefed by the clients. Every product output is not made with the actual expectation with the client and customers, and the main reason they point out product designer.

Popular synonyms for Product Designer are User Experience Designer , User Interface Designer , Customer Experience Architect , Interaction Designer , or Information Architect ; what to use depends on the company type and size and diversity of the design department and the designer specialization. Besides, Product Designers can work as outsourcing; some companies do not have a full-time Product Designer and hire them for a specific project, work as outside consultants or agencies.

How to Become a Product Designer?

In order to become a product designer, the candidates need to check the different steps as mentioned below. 

Step 1 : Complete 10+2

Individuals interested in pursuing a career as a product designer must have successfully passed their twelfth-grade exams with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized board. It is also necessary for them to have studied Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Computer Science during their senior secondary education in order to qualify for a career as a product designer.

Step 2 : Entrance Examination

Many universities and colleges have entrance exams for aspiring product designers. Some institutions offer direct admission, but most require passing an entrance exam for admission to esteemed colleges. Students must study diligently to pass the exam and secure admission to pursue a successful career as a product designer. Here are some popular entrance exams that aspiring product designers can prepare for:

Step 3: Pursuing bachelor's programme

The students must enroll themselves in a graduation degree program after successful completion of 10+2. There are many bachelor level courses that they can do for pursuing a career as a product designer. Some of the common courses are mentioned below: 

  • BDes (Bachelor of Design) Product Design

  • BA (Bachelor of Arts) Product Design

  • BVA (Bachelor of Visual Arts) Product Design

  • BSc (Bachelor of Science) Product Design

  • BTech (Bachelor of Technology) Material Engineering

  • BVoc (Bachelor of Vocational Studies) Product Design

Step 4: After Graduation

After completing their graduation in the different areas as mentioned below, the career option gets widened. There are two major career paths that they can choose after bachelors as mentioned below. 

Option 1: The aspirants willing to become product designers can enroll themselves in a master’s degree programme in a related specialization without taking any gap in the academic year. A post graduation in the related field will help in getting better jobs and pay scale. 

Option 2: They can also start working in the industry in an entry-level position after completing their graduation. They can opt for a master’s degree after acquiring an experience of 1-2 years in the related field. 

Popular master’s degrees

  • MA (Master of Arts) Product Management

  • MA (Master of Arts) Industrial Design

  • MVoc (Master of Vocational Studies) Product Design

  • MTech (Master of Technology) Material Engineering

  • MDes (Master of Design) Product Design

  • MDes (Master of Design) Industrial Design

  • MVA (Master of Visual Arts) Product Design

Courses to become Product Designer

Provided below are the apt courses that students can pursue in order to be a Product Designer:

M.Sc in Product Design
2 Years
M.Des in Product Design
2 Years
B.V.A. Product Design
3 Years
B.A. Product Design
3 Years
B.Sc in Product Design
3 Years
B.Des in Product Design
4 Years
Types of Job Roles Product Designer

The different job opportunities available to Product Designers can vary greatly and are usually influenced by a number of factors. Some key factors that play a role in determining a Product Designer's job responsibilities include the individual's level of experience, the size and type of the organization, the company's location, the industry in which the candidate is employed, and more.


With a high demand for Product Designers across a wide range of companies looking to improve their products, individuals have the opportunity to pursue roles at different levels and in various industries. Some of the important job roles that a Product Designer may take on include:

Salary of Product Designer

The typical annual salary for a Product Designer is approximately INR 6,30,528. Below are the entry-level, mid-level, and senior-level salary ranges for Product Designers:

Job Title
Starting Annual Salary
Mid-Level Salary
Senior-Level Salary
Product Designer
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