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Mastering the NID Exam Pattern: Top Tips and Strategies

Excited to take the National Institute of Design entrance exam? Whether you are a future designer or in for an artsy career, the NID exam pattern is a challenge you have to prepare for. This renowned exam is designed to test your design aptitude, creativity, and problem-solving thinking. To ease your daunting yet exciting process, here are your top tips and strategies to ace the NID exam!

Understanding the NID Exam Pattern

Before delving into preparation strategies, one must get a fair idea about the NID exam pattern. The NID entrance exam has two main stages for the B.Des course:

1. Preliminary Exam:

The above stage usually tests applicants’ lending, visual perception, creative reading, and overall mental ability. It takes multiple tests over the years, but there are commonly multiple-choice questions, subjective questions, and skirmishes.

2. Main Exam (Studio Test and Personal Interview):

Candidates who pass the preliminary exam are eligible for the main exam. This stage includes the model’s ability to handle, solve creative problems, and communicate with candidates in a hands-on studio test and independent interview.

Mastering the NID Exam Pattern: Top Tips and Strategies

Top Tips and Strategies

1. Build a Strong Foundation:

Work on your natural drawing talents, graphics, and imagination perception. Sketch regularly to develop your artistic abilities and draw a lot.

2. Familiarize Yourself with Exam Syllabus:

Go through the site’s NID test syllabus for a thorough understanding of what to do. Divulge information on the sketching, perspective drawing, design theory and general mental abilities section.

3. Solve Previous Years' Papers:

It would help if you answered the prior year’s question papers for an NID examination to be performed. Determine which questions are easily answered and which ones take longer to answer. Focus on your preparation for the entire paper under your analysis.

4. Time Management:

The skills of time management should be developed in how to tackle each of the sections. In a certain period, ensure to work on particular topics as well as inquiries during the experiment.

5. Stay Updated and Innovate:

Before that, stay updated with the current trends, innovations, and developments in the design process. Most importantly, embrace a culture of innovation and problem-solving in case of any challenge when moving through the design process.

How Starminds Supports Your NID Career Journey

Design success with the NID exam might be confusing, but with the help of Starminds, a frontrunner in creativity learning and career guide, provides you with:

1. Expert Guidance:

Starminds helps you access experienced mentors and design experts to get personalized guidance and feedback while preparing for the NID examination to top in exam preparation.

2. Comprehensive Study Materials:

Starminds offers comprehensive study materials on the NID syllabus to get the best courses and workshops online and interactive for sure success in the exam.

3. Mock Tests and Practice Sessions:

Starminds provides mock tests and practice sessions with exam patents on NID so that you can easily practice in the same way and fit your skills to perfection.

4. Community Support:

Starminds bring together a large number of design aspirants on this platform where you can discuss and collaborate with your fellow candidates and learn from them.

Starminds will be with you on the journey to your NID exam as you prepare, equipped with the tools and support you need to unlock your potential and enjoy a successful career for years to come.


In conclusion, the NID exam pattern is one that can be mastered through thorough preparation, creativity, and smart execution. Be sure to get acquainted with the pattern, employ effective preparation techniques, and seek help from platforms such as Starminds to increase your chances of success. Enjoy your design career!


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