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Target NIFT & NID entrance exams

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Prepare yourself for success in the GAT/CAT exams for NIFT & DAT Prelims for NID with this curated set of 10 books. Written and crafted by a skilled team of NIFT/NID Alumni and design industry experts over a span of 2 years, these books are designed to enhance your Creative Ability. The program includes a specialized module of 2 books focused on design thinking, mirroring the teachings of NIFT/NID's 1st-year curriculum. By studying these books, candidates can significantly improve their performance in the CAT exam for NIFT and DAT Prelims for NID, thus increasing their chances of securing a top rank and excelling in the competitive design field. **Bonus** → Free Video by NIFTian on how to go about this course. → 1 on 1 session with mentors. → 1 live sketching session & 1 live design thinking session that can be taken at any point during the course as per the students convenience. → 5 minutes counselling with a Design Industry expert & NIFT Alumus on a career in Design, Packages & placements after passing out from NIFT/NID. → Question Bank last 20 year original NIFT papers for CAT entrance exam.

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