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NIFT Situation Test- the rank achiever

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

NIFT Situation Test is the second phase of the entrance exam. It carries 20% of the total weightage of marks. The written test helps you in clearing the first level but it is the situation test that is actually going to decide your rank. So, it is important to score well in the situation test in order to get a good rank and in turn your choice of course and city.

In the situation test, the student is required to create a three dimensional model with the given materials in 2 hours. The main purpose of conducting the situation test is to evaluate the innovative as well as the material handling skills of the candidate. It is important here to note that you will not be evaluated only on the aesthetics of your model. Aesthetics are important but the main criteria of marking are the concept and the theme of your model. It’s very important to think out of the box. The main parameters of evaluation are innovation and creativity, space utilization, material handling, composition of elements, neatness and presentation. The write-up which is going to explain your model carries 5 marks out of the total 20.

Another very important aspect is time management. Divide your time during the exam. Spend the first 5 minutes on deciding the question you want to attempt. In the next 10 minutes, think of a creative concept and a theme for your model. Think of how you can make it unique and creative. Also prepare a sketch of your model if you have time. It helps you in visualizing the model and material usage. Spend the next 1 hour 20 minutes in building the model. It’s not necessary to use all the materials provided. Using 60-70% of the material is fine. Keep the last 25 minutes for the write-up. The write-up should explain your model and your concept. Your model should be simple, durable, functional and neither too big nor too small in size.

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