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NIFT Entrance Exam Preparation 

-Articles by NIFTians & NIFT Alumni

How to Crack the NIFT Entrance Examination – Part I

NIFT as the name suggests prides itself on being India’s premier institution to study fashion.

My observation- at NIFT we study fashion subject to its functionality, allowing it to get avant-garde with debatable constraints. Since the year 1986 it has been the engine driving the fashion industry with alumni heading everything- from Louis Vuitton to Myntra.

Pheeeewww...! That was a basic insight on what you want to get into. Now, how did I get into NIFT? Well, being obsessed with beauty and clothes since like- ever- I always knew I had to make clothes. Thanks to our friend Google, I came across the term 'NIFT'. Further research made me keen on getting into a college that taught fashion. So on a fine November night of my 10+2 I finally sent in my application.

The NIFT exam which comprises of two tests GAT and CAT, forms the written part of the rather complicated process. GAT (General Ability Test) which owes 30% weightage contains questions that test the basic General Knowledge, Math, Logical Reasoning, English, Reading Ability, fashion and art related questions. Being a fine arts student and a fashion gargantuan, this was a piece of cake I really enjoyed.

CAT (Creative Ability Test) tests your basic drawing and sketching skills. The idea is not being a master artist but being creative. NIFT is not looking for future Hussain but it strives to find raw creativity which it can shape into raw talent to fuel the growing fashion industry. My basic sketching and rendering trainings paid it good for me to land a seat in the college. Do well and be creative in this test as it contributes a full 50% to your score.

If your efforts pay off & you are deserving - which I was- you get shortlisted for the situation test. This is no joke, although it contributes only 20% to your score, but now you have to compete with the cream of creative design minds of the country. With myriad range of topics nailing you down and forcing you to bring something creative to the table, It is actually a fun test. The nutshell concept of the test is to make a model on any one of the given topics. It’s quite a fun job for someone who loves and fancies craft.

The NIFT entrance tests you as a creative person and not as an artist or painter- they don’t need them.  So, even if you are a little handicapped at sketching and drawing- Don’t panic, practice a little and you will make it through. For me, the test let me exhale my creativity which was put to death by my science background.

So, grab your sketch books and start practicing, let Starminds Educations help pave a way to fulfil your dream of design !

How to Crack the NIFT Entrance Examination – Part II

When it comes to a design institute in India, NIFT is the surely the best choice one can make. The best choice I made! To prepare for NIFT, one needs to know their personal interest ( as in which design field one wants to opt for). You can gain this understanding during the preparation for the NIFT Entrance Exam, & you are highly mistaken if you think that you can get through NIFT without any preparation. Starminds is surely the place for you to guide you through the whole process of preparation for the NIFT Exam.
The NIFT exam tests your creative skills and general ability skills. In creative ability skill entrance examination they test your drawing abilities and idea generation in a given period of time. It is all about how different your approach is to a question asked in the creative section & about expressing your thoughts and ideas on paper. The general ability examination is majorly about how well versed
a student is with Current affairs, English, Quantitative, Analytical & Logical Ability.

To get through the NIFT entrance, one should follow these Tips:

  1. Be focused and determined

  2. Read the newspaper daily. “The Hindu” should be your new God.

  3. Give equal importance to every section that you need to study for the entrance exam

  4. Have proper time schedule and dedicate 2 hours daily for your preparation for NIFT

  5. Be an observer, it helps you generate ideas.

  6. Develop a keen interest for fashion and design by reading fashion magazines, blogs etc.

  7. Take guidance from a coaching institute or any expert who has knowledge in this field

Finally, give your best and you will succeed!

For one entire year I was time bound, as during my 12th standard boards I was parallely attending coaching classes for the NIFT preparation as well. I must admit that these classes helped me in paving the path of what & how I had to prepare for the entrance examination. I thank my teachers and parents for all the support and guidance they gave me. It was of immense help. I always had options for other design colleges but I was keen on getting into NIFT as it is surely the fashion paradise of India.

And yes, I regret no part of it and can proudly say that it was the right choice I made for my career.
Being a NIFTian has given me a great opportunity to bring out that creative streak in me.

Dreaming to be a NIFTian is a separate thing but get yourself a reality check and work hard. That’s a smarter choice!

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